Analysis of Electrical Resistance and Impedance Change of Magnetorheological Gels with DC and AC Voltage for Magnetometer Application.


School of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Handong Global University, Pohang 37554, Korea. [Email]


Magnetorheological gel (MRG) is a smart material that can change its stiffness property by external magnetic field and has been applied as a smart rubber in suppressing vibration. Recent studies show that the electrical resistance of MRG also can be affected with external magnetic field. Thus, this study aimed to conduct analysis on MRG resistance variation due to external magnetic field with DC and AC input voltage. With an DC input voltage, the resistance change due to magnetic field was modeled. In addition, the capacitance variation of the material was observed. The impedance of MRG due to AC input voltage was analyzed and was observed that the impedance of MRG was affected by both the magnetic field and the input frequency. With the experiment data, the impedance modeling of MRG in frequency domain was derived. Based on experiment results, the performance and limitation of MRG as a magnetometer sensor are discussed.


magnetic field sensor,magnetorheological gel,resistance change,self-sensing,smart material,

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