Analysis of MnS Inclusions Formation in Resulphurised Steel via Modeling and Experiments.


Center for Advanced Solidification Technology (CAST), School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, China. [Email]


Controlling the formation of MnS inclusions during solidification influences the mechanical properties and machinability of the resulfurized steel. A coupled segregation-nucleation-growth model was developed by the finite-difference method involving solute redistribution, heterogeneous nucleation and growth kinetics. Laboratory solidification experiments were performed under various cooling rates in resulphurised 49MnVS steel. In this work, the influence of cooling rate on solute redistribution and growth size of MnS inclusions were simulated using the current coupled model, and the calculated results can provide a valuable reference for MnS formation. Increasing of the cooling rate led to early precipitation and refinement of formed MnS inclusions. Based on the simulation results and experimental data, mathematical relationships between the growing size of MnS with the cooling rate in the low ductility temperature region and in the whole solidification were obtained.


MnS inclusion,coupled model,growth,segregation,solidification,

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