[Anatomo-functional study in branch retinal vein occlusion using Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography].


Hôpital Habib Thameur, 3, rue A.Ben Ayed, 1089 Tunis, Tunisie; Faculté de médecine de Tunis, Université Tunis EL MANAR, Tunisie. Electronic address: [Email]


BACKGROUND : The purpose of our study was to describe the microvascular abnormalities on OCT-angiography in eyes with branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO), to measure the surface of the foveal avascular zone (FAZ) and the capillary density, and to establish anatomic-functional correlations.
METHODS : We conducted an observational prospective study in the ophthalmology department of Habib Thameur Hospital in Tunis, which included 17 eyes of patients with unilateral BRVO. We studied the microvascular abnormalities and areas of capillary non-perfusion in the deep and superficial capillary plexuses (DCP, SCP). The area of the FAZ was measured in the SCP and correlated to visual acuity. The foveal and parafoveal capillary density was measured with flow quantification software.
RESULTS : The mean patient age was 57.94 ±18.04 years. Male:female ratio was approximately 1. Fourteen eyes (82.4%) showed cystoid macular edema which was significantly correlated to poor visual acuity (P=0.02). Vascular congestion was present in 12 eyes (70.60%) in the DCP and 8 eyes (47.1%) in the SCP. Intraretinal loops were found in 5 eyes (29.4%) in the DCP and 8 eyes (47.1%) in the SCP. Thirteen eyes (76.5%) exhibited vascular tortuosity in the DCP, and 14 eyes (82.4%) in the SCP. Areas of capillary non-perfusion were observed in 12 eyes (70.60%). The mean area of the FAZ was 617.53±525.75μ in eyes with BRVO. Enlargement of the FAZ was correlated to visual loss (P=0.01). Mean foveal capillary density was 15.49% (±5.18%), and mean peripheral capillary density was 44% (±4.75%). There was no correlation between vascular density and visual acuity in our series.
CONCLUSIONS : OCT-angiography is part of the current diagnostic workup for RVO. It has a relevant role in establishing a prognosis by studying the area of the FAZ and the capillary density.


Capillary density,Densité capillaire,Foveal avascular zone,OCT-angiographie,OCT-angiography,Occlusion veineuse,Vein occlusion,Zone avasculaire centrale,