Arsenic content in two-year-old Acer platanoides L. and Tilia cordata Miller seedlings growing under dimethylarsinic acid exposure-model experiment.


Department of Chemistry, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Wojska Polskiego 75, 60-625, Poznań, Poland. [Email]


The presence of cacodylic acid (dimethylarsinic acid, DMA) can be an important factor in limiting the abilities of young tree seedlings to adapt to unfavorable environmental conditions. For this reason, the aim of the study was to estimate the influence of different DMA additions (from 0.01 to 0.6 mM) to modified Knop solution to arsenic (As) and selected forms of this metalloid (As(III), As(V), DMA) phytoextraction by two-year-old Acer platanoides L. and Tilia cordata Miller seedlings. Additionally, the biomass and other elements important in As transport in plants were analyzed. Seedlings of both tree species were able to grow in all experimental systems except the one with the highest DMA concentration (0.6 mM). Exposure of tree seedlings was related to a general decrease in plant biomass. Phytoextraction of As in roots, stems, and leaves increased with a rise of DMA concentration in solution to the highest content of As in A. platanoides and T. cordata roots growing under 0.3 mM (135 ± 13 and 116 ± 14 mg kg-1 dry weight). Arsenic was accumulated mainly in roots, thereby confirming bioconcentration factor values BCF > 1 for all tree seedlings treated with DMA. Exposure of plants to low DMA concentrations (0.01 and 0.03 mM) was related to the transport of this element to aboveground parts, while increased DMA concentration in other experimental systems led to the limitation of As transport to stems, as confirmed by translocation factor values TF < 1. Changes in many other elements such as boron, silicon, phosphorus, or sulfur concentration indicated the possible influence of DMA on the transport of As from roots to leaves. The obtained results show that DMA can be an important factor in modulating As phytoextraction in the studied tree species.


Arsenate,Arsenite,Cacodylic acid,Phytoextraction,Trees,