Arthroscopic-Assisted Reduction of Tibial Plateau Fractures.


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Arthroscopic reduction of tibial plateau fractures have been gaining in popularity. Advantages include accurate diagnosis and treatment of joint pathology, minimally invasive soft tissue dissection, quicker recovery of joint motion, and anatomic reduction of joint surface. Success depends on accurate fracture selection. With arthroscopic-assisted reduction of tibial plateau fractures, patient set-up is similar to standard knee arthroscopy, but the C-arm is used to aid with fracture reduction and fixation. Outcomes are comparable or even improved when compared with standard procedures, and morbidity with arthroscopic reduction can often be lower with decreased rates of infection, wound complications, and thromboembolism.


Arthroscopic reduction,Classification,Complications,Contraindications,Indications,Outcomes,Schatzker classification,Surgical technique,Tibial plateau fractures,