Association of nutritional status and health-related quality of life in children with chronic kidney disease.


Southampton Children's Hospital, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6YD, UK. [Email]


OBJECTIVE : Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is an important, patient-centred measure. Although nutritional status is altered in children with CKD, the impact of nutritional status on HRQoL in this population has not been explored. The aims of this study are to report the HRQoL scores as assessed by the validated PedsQL™ questionnaire and to explore the relationship of HRQoL scores to markers of nutritional status. It will also examine the concordance between the scores of the child and their parent/carer.
METHODS : A single-centre, cross-sectional, observational study was performed exploring the markers of nutritional status (anthropometry-including presence of obesity, micronutrient status and appetite) and HRQoL and assessed by the PedsQL™ questionnaire in children aged 3-18 years with pre-dialysis, conservatively managed CKD.
RESULTS : A total of 46 children were recruited, with a mean age of 10.5 years. HRQoL scores were lower than in healthy controls throughout all domains. Lower scores were associated with short stature and poor appetite. Markers of obesity or micronutrient status were not associated with HRQoL scores.
CONCLUSIONS : Nutritional status impacts upon HRQoL. Further study is needed to evaluate how changing nutritional status may affect HRQoL in children with CKD, and this may be used to facilitate the development of patient-centred treatment goals and plans.


Children,Chronic kidney disease,Health-related quality of life,Nutrition,