BPG: Seamless, automated and interactive visualization of scientific data.


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto, Canada. [Email]


BACKGROUND : We introduce BPG, a framework for generating publication-quality, highly-customizable plots in the R statistical environment.
RESULTS : This open-source package includes multiple methods of displaying high-dimensional datasets and facilitates generation of complex multi-panel figures, making it suitable for complex datasets. A web-based interactive tool allows online figure customization, from which R code can be downloaded for integration with computational pipelines.
CONCLUSIONS : BPG provides a new approach for linking interactive and scripted data visualization and is available at http://labs.oicr.on.ca/boutros-lab/software/bpg or via CRAN at https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/BoutrosLab.plotting.general.


Data-visualization,Interactive plotting,Software,Web-resources,

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