Bacterial peritonitis in a patient with malignant ascites caused by pancreatic carcinoma: Case report and review of literature.


Department of Infectious Diseases, The University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan. Electronic address: [Email]


Bacterial peritonitis, an infection of the ascitic fluid, can be classified etiologically as spontaneous or secondary bacterial peritonitis. The former is mainly caused by portal hypertension and its subsequent effects, whereas the latter is caused by the direct dissemination of bacteria into the peritoneal cavity. Previous reports have described some distinguishing features of these two entities. Here, we report the first known case of bacterial peritonitis with Aeromonas hydrophilia and Escherichia coli in a patient with malignant ascites associated with pancreatic carcinoma who exhibited features of both spontaneous and secondary peritonitis. Our report suggests that clinicians should also consider bacterial peritonitis in patients with malignant ascites who present with ostensibly cancer-related symptoms.


Aeromonas hydrophila,Malignant ascites,Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis,

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