Bimetallic nickel-cobalt hydrides in H2 activation and catalytic proton reduction.


Key Lab for Colloid and Interface Chemistry of Education Ministry , School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering , Shandong University , 250100 , China . Email: [Email]


The synergism of the electronic properties of nickel and cobalt enables bimetallic NiCo complexes to process H2. The nickel-cobalt hydride [(dppe)Ni(pdt)(H)CoCp*]+ ([1H]+ ) arising from protonation of the reduced state 1 was found to be an efficient electrocatalyst for H2 evolution with Cl2CHCOOH, and the oxidized [Ni(ii)Co(iii)]2+ form is capable of activating H2 to produce [1H]+ . The features of stereodynamics, acid-base properties, redox chemistry and reactivity of these bimetallic NiCo complexes in processing H2 are potentially related to the active site of [NiFe]-H2ases.