Biocompatible film sensors containing red radish extract for meat spoilage observation.


Center of Excellence on Petrochemical and Materials Technology, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand; Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand. Electronic address: [Email]


pH-sensitive films were developed based on biocompatible materials and natural pH sensitive dye. The films were successfully fabricated using starch/gelatin and red radish anthocyanin. The colors of films could be differentiated by naked eye within 5 min changing from orange to grey-purple at pH 2-12 and captured by a smartphone. The color parameters were evaluated by the Image J software. In addition, the color change of films was observed in ammonia gas atmosphere. The color stability of sensing films was evaluated and the results indicated that the films had great stability and were able to store more than two weeks. The results from intra-day and inter-day color response study showed good precision. Finally, the pH-sensitive films could be applied to real samples for real-time meat spoilage observation.


Cornstarch,Gelatin,Red radish anthocyanin,Smart packaging,pH-sensitive films,

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