Biofouling of membranes in microbial electrochemical technologies: Causes, characterization methods and mitigation strategies.


Institute of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger, Box 8600 Forus, 4036 Stavanger, Norway. Electronic address: [Email]


The scope of the review is to discuss the current state of knowledge and lessons learned on biofouling of membrane separators being used for microbial electrochemical technologies (MET). It is illustrated what crucial membrane features have to be considered and how these affect the MET performance, paying particular attention to membrane biofouling. The complexity of the phenomena was demonstrated and thereby, it is shown that membrane qualities related to its surface and inherent material features significantly influence (and can be influenced by) the biofouling process. Applicable methods for assessment of membrane biofouling are highlighted, followed by the detailed literature evaluation. Finally, an outlook on e.g. possible mitigation strategies for membrane biofouling in MET is provided.


Biofouling,Ion transport,Mass transfer,Membrane,Microbial electrochemical technology,Microbial fuel cell,

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