Brazilian adaptation of the driving anger expression inventory: testing its psychometrics properties and links between anger behavior, risky behavior, sensation seeking, and hostility in a sample of Brazilian undergraduate students.


Federal University of Paraná, Department of Psychology, Praça Santos Andrade, 50 - Prédio Histórico da UFPR, Sala 214, CEP 80020-300 Curitiba, Brazil. Electronic address: [Email]


In Brazil, driver aggressiveness in road traffic is a critical issue and could be an important contributing factor to the high number of traffic accidents. Because no instruments are available in Portuguese to register driving aggressiveness or driving anger in Brazil, we adapted English instruments into the Brazilian context. The aims of this study were to provide a Brazilian adaptation of the Driving Anger Expression Inventory (DAX) and to try to validate it by testing its psychometric properties and investigating its relationships with risky driving behaviors (DBQ), road accidents, driving sensation seeking, and hostility.


DAX,DBQ,DSSS,Driving behaviors,Hostility,