Breastfeeding Practices of Ethnic Minorities in China: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study of 10,408 Mothers.


Research Center for Public Health, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084, People's Republic of China. [Email]


Heterogeneous characteristics of Chinese ethnic groups and their acculturation might contribute to different breastfeeding patterns. This study aimed to explore the breastfeeding practices of ethnic minorities in China considering migration and acculturation. We included 10,408 mothers from a population-based study in China. Ethnic minority was defined as ethnics other than Han. Logistic regression and adjusted prevalence were employed to analyze the association between ethnicity and breastfeeding outcomes. Both Minority group (where both parents were ethnic minorities) had a higher odds of exclusive breastfeeding and predominant breastfeeding. After stratification, this significantly higher odds of exclusive breastfeeding was solely observed among local mothers (those who never immigrated). Husbands caring for mothers "sitting the month", which could contribute to exclusive breastfeeding, was more common among local Both Minority group. Parental ethnicities and their acculturation could influence breastfeeding practices in China. Interventions should consider ethnic differences as well as acculturation.


Acculturation,Breastfeeding practices,China,Ethnic minorities,Migration,Postpartum support,

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