Central auditory processing in Parkinsonian disorders: A systematic review.


Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Ghent University, C. Heymanslaan 10, B-9000, Ghent, Belgium. Electronic address: [Email]


Altered auditory processing has been increasingly recognized as a non-motor feature in parkinsonian disorders. This systematic review provides an overview of behavioral and electrophysiological literature on central auditory processing in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), multiple system atrophy (MSA) and progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). A systematic database search was conducted and yielded 88 studies that met the intelligibility criteria. The collected data revealed distinct impairments in a range of central auditory processes in PD, including altered deviance detection of basic auditory features, auditory brainstem processing, auditory gating and selective auditory attention. In contrast to PD, literature on central auditory processing in MSA and PSP was relatively scarce, but provided some evidence for impaired central auditory processing in MSA and PSP. The interpretation of these findings is discussed and suggestions for further research are offered.


Systematic review,auditory behavioral assessment,auditory evoked potential,central auditory processing,parkinsonian disorders,

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