Certification of nitrate in spinach powder reference material SPIN-1 by high-precision isotope dilution GC-MS.


National Research Council Canada, 1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0R6, Canada. [Email]


A high-precision exact-matching quadruple isotope dilution method (ID4MS) was employed for the quantitation of nitrate in an air-dried spinach powder Certified Reference Material (CRM). The analyte was extracted in hot water following addition of 15NO[Formula: see text] internal standard. The blend was then treated with sulfamic acid to remove nitrite and with triethyloxonium tetrafluoroborate to promote aqueous conversion of nitrate into volatile EtONO2. The derivative was analyzed by headspace GC-MS with 3-min elution time. The method performance was validated with a series of tests which demonstrated adequate selectivity and ruggedness. This method supported the development of novel SPIN-1 CRM giving a modest contribution to its uncertainty (uchar = 0.85%). With respect to previous attempts, the SPIN-1 was proven stable, homogeneous (uhom = 0.44%), and suitable for spinach monitoring under EU regulations. On dried basis, the nitrate content of SPIN-1 was found to be 22.53 ± 0.43 mg/g (Uc = 1.9%, k = 2). The material was also used in an inter-laboratory study where four laboratories employed a total of ten measurement methods. Graphical Abstract SPIN-1 Certified Reference Material for nitrate in spinach powder.


Certified reference material,Dietary nitrate,Isotope dilution,Leafy vegetable,

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