Children with posterior semicircular canal dehiscence: A case series.


Department of Otolaryngology, AZ Delta, Wilgenstraat 2, 8800, Roeselare, Belgium. Electronic address: [Email]


Posterior semicircular canal dehiscence is a rare condition and can cause a variety of symptoms. We report three cases of children between 5 and 12 years of age with a PSCD. They all presented with different complaints as follows: Tullio phenomenon in the first case, conductive hearing loss in the second and, conductive hearing loss and pulsatile tinnitus in the third. Imaging showed in all cases a PSCD on the right side, caused by a prominent jugular bulb (high riding bulb). We describe the clinical, audiometric and radiological findings, and discuss the management and therapy. A conservative "wait and see" approach is recommended, especially with children, because of the possible complications of surgery and the possibility that the symptoms will lessen with the skull base osseous maturation.


Case report,Children,Dehiscence,Jugular bulb,Jugular vein,Posterior,Semicircular canal,