Chlorhexidine Gel Use in the Oral District: A Systematic Review.


Department of Biomedical and Dental Sciences and Morphological and Functional Imaging, Messina University, 98100 Messina, Italy. [Email]


Chlorhexidine compounds and their different formulations have been investigated several times, especially in the dentistry field. Chlorhexidine application for mouth rinsing immediately underwent oral contraindications, linked to the possibility of causing pigmentation to the teeth or relating to possible cytotoxic events after oral surgery. The positive effects, however, are considerable and its topical antiseptic action has been widely demonstrated by in vitro and clinical research. That's the reason for its large application in different fields of dentistry. The aim of this study is to collect all the literature regarding the use of chlorhexidine gel in dentistry and all the numerous applications. The initial search on search engines obtained 232 results; then, following the application of the inclusion criteria there were 24 selected articles. The chlorhexidine gel appliance in the dental daily practice is direct to oral surgery, conservative endodontics, prevention and prophylaxis. The use of chlorhexidine has shown some positive effects, also in the case of systemic diseases prevention. Surely, this topical medicine used both professionally and prescribed for home use, can be considered a great help for the prevention of several oral pathologies with systemic implications too.


chlorhexidine,chlorhexidine gel,dentistry,endodontics,mucosa healing,oral surgery,prophylaxis,