Colorimetric sensing towards spermine based on supramolecular pillar[5]arene reduced and stabilized gold nanoparticles.


Key Lab of Inorganic Special Functional Materials, Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangtze Normal University, Fuling 408100, China. Electronic address: [Email]


We develop a novel and fast colorimetric sensing platform for spermine (Sp) by using macrocyclic host hydroxyl pillar[5]arene (P5) molecule reduced and stabilized Au nanoparticles via the supramolecular host-guest recognition interaction between P5 and Sp. The P5-modified Au nanoparticles (P5-Au) are easily obtained by redox reaction between hydroxyl groups in P5 and Au3+ in HAuCl4, where hydroxyl groups are oxidized to carboxyl groups and Au3+ is reduced to Au0+ under alkali catalysis at room temperature without NaBH4 or other reducing agent. A uniform diameter of about 5.0 nm and wine red color P5-Au nanoparticles can be synthesized by this green and rapid method. The mechanism of redox reaction between P5 and HAuCl4 is studied by the XPS and 13C NMR, and the P5-Au is characterized by the TEM, XRD and XPS.


Colorimetric sensing,Gold nanoparticles,Pillar[5]arene,Redox reaction,Spermine,

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