Comparison of Cytotoxic Flow Cytometric Cross Match With Complement Dependent Lymphocytotoxicity and Flow Cytometric Cross Match in Renal Transplant Patients.


Department of General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Tekirdağ, Turkey. Electronic address: [Email]


Cytotoxic flow cytometric crossmatch (cFCXM), identified by detecting complement-mediated cytotoxic cell death in addition to the capability of showing the alloantibodies binding onto lymphocytes at the same time, can reduce the necessary time and workload in evaluating alloantibodies. More data from clinical samples are needed for cFCXM to be accepted by tissue typing laboratories. In this study, we compared cFCXM with complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity and standard flow cytometric crossmatch in 41 renal pretransplant patients. A comparison of the obtained data was performed using Spearman's correlation test. We found that cFCXM showed no statistically significant differences with complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity and flow cytometric crossmatch. We believe that cFCXM can be used in clinical laboratories in the near future following intra-laboratory validation.

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