Complete genome sequence and phylogenetic analysis of a novel dicistrovirus associated with the whitefly Bemisia tabaci.


Embrapa Vegetables, Brasília, Brazil. Electronic address: [Email]


A novel single-stranded RNA virus was detected in a whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) sample subjected to high-throughput sequencing. The 8293 nt-long genome presents a polyadenylated 3' end, and contains two ORFs encoding putative 1596 and 849 aa-long proteins. These putative proteins display significant similarity to replicase and capsid polyproteins, respectively, of discitroviruses. Its complete genome sequence shared the highest nucleotide identity (59.8%) with cricket paralysis virus (family Dicistroviridae, genus Cripavirus). Phylogenetic analyses showed that this new virus putative protein sequences clustered with those from members of Dicistroviridae. However, the replicase and capsid polyprotein sequences clustered with those of members of different genera, respectively to Aparavirus and Cripavirus. RT-PCR using newly collected adult and nymph whitefly samples confirmed the presence of this virus in field populations of B. tabaci. Genome sequence and organization, and polyproteins comparison indicate that this virus is a new species of the family Dicistroviridae. The name Bemisia-associated dicistrovirus 1 is proposed for this virus.


Dicistroviridae,High-throughput sequencing,Insect virus,Next generation sequencing,Picornavirales,