Compound fault-tolerant attitude control for hypersonic vehicle with reaction control systems in reentry phase.


College of Automation Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 211106, China. Electronic address: [Email]


In this paper, a novel compound fault-tolerant attitude control (FTC) scheme is proposed for reentry hypersonic vehicles with aerodynamic surfaces and reaction control systems (RCS) in the presence of parameter uncertainties, external disturbances and aerodynamic surfaces faults. Aerodynamic surfaces work as the primary actuators and RCS serve as auxiliary actuators. When aerodynamic surfaces cannot provide the required attitude control torque due to low dynamic pressure or faults, RCS are activated to assist aerodynamic surfaces to generate the residual torque. A nonlinear disturbance observer-based sliding mode controller is designed to calculate the required attitude control torque which can handle the parametric uncertainties and external disturbances together. The quadratic programming method is applied to obtain the optimal aerodynamic surfaces deflections from the required control torque. An innovative fuzzy rule-based decision-making system is design to solve the RCS control allocation problem, which is conceptually easy to understand and computationally efficiently compared with existing approaches. Based on quantized control theory, the closed-loop control system stability is rigorously analyzed. Simulation results are given to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of developed FTC scheme.


Control allocation,Fault-tolerant control,Fuzzy rule-based system,Hypersonic vehicles,RCS,

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