Designing Photolabile Ruthenium Polypyridyl Crosslinkers for Hydrogel Formation and Multiplexed, Visible-light Degradation.


Department of Chemistry University of Pennsylvania 231 S 34 St., Philadelphia, PA, [Email]


Photoresponsive materials afford spatiotemporal control over desirable physical, chemical and biological properties. For advanced applications, there is need for molecular phototriggers that are readily incorporated within larger structures, and spatially-sequentially addressable with different wavelengths of visble light, enabling multiplexing. Here we describe spectrally tunable (λmax = 420-530 nm) ruthenium polypyridyl complexes functionalized with two photolabile nitrile ligands that present terminal alkynes for subsequent crosslinking reactions, including hydrogel formation. Two Ru crosslinkers were incorporated within a PEG-hydrogel matrix, and sequentially degraded by irradiation with 592 nm and 410 nm light.