Determination the set-off migration of ink in cardboard-cups used in coffee vending machines.


Department of Analytical Chemistry, Aragon Institute of Engineering Research I3A, CPS-University of Zaragoza, Torres Quevedo Building, María de Luna 3, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain. Electronic address: [Email]


The set-off migration from printing inks can cause alterations in the safety and acceptability of food. Therefore, its control in the food industry is of special importance. The aim of this study was the determination of the migration of compounds coming from different types of cardboard-cups used in coffee vending machines. The volatile compounds present in cardboard-cups were studied and specific migration studies were carried out by solid phase microextraction with headspace coupled to gas chromatography (HS-SPME-GC-MS). The migration of compounds from the cardboard-cups manufacturing material, plastic coating (LDPE) and printing inks were identified and quantified. Those migrants listed in the Regulation No. 10/2011 presented values lower than the specific migration limit (SML), although a series of non-listed and non-authorized compounds were identified. From the results obtained the risk assessment of the vending cups from two different companies has been done.


Cardboard,Food contact,Migration,NIAS,Printing inks,Risk assessment,Set-off migration,Vending cups,

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