Does the Spanish version of the SWLS measure the same in Spain and Peru?


Developmental and Educational Psychology Department, Faculty of Psychology, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain. Electronic address: [Email]


OBJECTIVE : Satisfaction with life is a measure of protection in older adults. There lies the importance of providing quality instruments. The aim of the study was to evaluate the invariance of the life satisfaction scale (SWLS) in two samples of older adults in Spain and Peru.
METHODS : The participants were 857 older adults in Spain (mean age=68.23 years, SD=5.93) and 336 older adults in Peru (average age=72.42, SD=7.07). All multi-group confirmatory factor analyzes were estimated in Mplus 8.0.
RESULTS : The results indicate the presence of a strict invariance of the one-dimensional structure of the SWLS in samples of older adults in Spain and Peru, which allows for meaningful comparisons of latent means and covariances. Comparison of latent means showed small differences in the construct between the cultural groups.
CONCLUSIONS : The SWLS is a valid instrument for intercultural comparisons between Spanish and Peruvian population. The measurement invariance assessment contributes to a better understanding of life satisfaction in populations from different cultural contexts.


Adultos mayores,Calidad de vida,Evaluación de la invarianza,Life satisfaction,Measurement invariance,Older adults,Quality of life,Satisfacción de vida,

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