Dual Resonator MEMS Magnetic Field Gradiometer.


Department for Integrated Sensor Systems, Danube University Krems, 2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria. [Email]


Accurate knowledge of the spatial magnetic field distribution is necessary when measuring field gradients. Therefore, a MEMS magnetic field gradiometer is reported, consisting of two identical, but independent laterally oscillating masses on a single chip. The sensor is actuated by Lorentz force and read out by modulation of the light flux passing through stationary and moving arrays of the chip. This optical readout decouples the transducer from the electronic components. Both phase and intensity are recorded which reveals information about the uniformity of the magnetic field. The magnetic flux density is measured simultaneously at two points in space and the field gradient is evaluated locally. The sensor was characterised at ambient pressure by performing frequency and magnitude response measurements with coil and various different permanent magnet arrangements, resulting in a responsivity of 35.67 V/T and detection limit of 3.07 µT/ Hz (@ 83 Hz ENBW). The sensor is compact, offers a large dynamic measurement range and can be of low-cost by using conventional MEMS batch fabrication technology.


Gradiometer,Lorentz force,MEMS,magnetic field,optical readout,sensor,