ES-DPR: A DOA-Based Method for Passive Localization in Indoor Environments.


College of Communications Engineering, PLA Army Engineering University, Nanjing 210007, China. [Email]


In this paper, we propose a novel indoor passive localization approach called eigenspace-based DOA with direct-path recognition (ES-DPR), based on a DOA estimation algorithm with multiple omnidirectional antennas deployed in a uniform linear array (ULA). To address the multipath propagation interference problem in the indoor environments, we utilize the azimuth and RSS estimation results, which are calculated by using the eigenspace-based DOA (ES-DOA) algorithm, in a novel style. A direct-path bearing recognition algorithm is introduced to identify the real DOA of the signal source in different indoor environments, by combining the azimuth and RSS estimation with ensemble learning methods. Numerical simulations are conducted to verify the validity and superiority of the proposed method. The results show that the proposed ES-DPR method can achieve high resolution and has strong anti-noise capability in dealing with the multipath signals, and the direct-path recognition algorithm is reliable and robust in different indoor environments, even in undetectable direct-path conditions.


ES-DOA,coherent signal source,direct-path recognition,direction of arrival (DOA),indoor passive positioning,uniform linear antenna,