Effect of peroxomonosulfate, peroxodisulfate and hydrogen peroxide on graphene oxide photocatalytic performances in methyl orange dye degradation.


SWAT Laboratory, Graduate School of Water Resources, Sungkyunkwan University, 2066, Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16419, Republic of Korea. Electronic address: [Email]


Carbocatalyst GO photocatalytic mechanism and performances in the presence of an electron scavenger (ES) has been consciously discussed herein. Single layer GO photocatalyst has been synthesized by Hummer's method and photocatalyst characteristics are gathered by different analytical methods. Studies ensured the formation of a good crystalline GO that contains number of oxygenated functional groups, with average crystalline size of the sp2 domain in 18.24 nm. Optical studies suggest that optical band gap of the GO nanosheet photocatalyst is found in the range of 3.19-4.4 eV. TEM analysis confirms the formation of a single layer GO nanosheet. Photocatalytic study justifies that in the absence of ES, 24% mineralization efficiency is achieved with GO as a photocatalyst, whereas in the presence of ES such as PMS, PDS and HP the mineralization efficiency is considerably enhanced up to 91%, 77% and 65% respectively. Moreover, photocatalytic degradation intermediate byproducts were also examined through LC-MS analysis. The study substantiates methyl orange dye degradation undergoes via the multiple degradation pathway such as (i) azo bond cleavage and hydroxylation, (ii), asymmetric cleavage followed by reduction of sulfonate group and aromatic ring removal and (iii) consecutive demethylation reactions and sulfonate group removal. Rationalized the contributing effects of process parameters towards the photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange using a RSM based on CCD validation. The validation reveals that most significant process parameter affects degradation process are the irradiation time, catalyst loading and choice of ES.


Central composite design,Electron scavenger (ES),GO photocatalyst,Hydrogen peroxide,Peroxodisulfate,Peroxomonosulfate,

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