Effect of spatial enhancement technology on input through the keyboard in virtual reality environment.


Department of Psychology, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, China. Electronic address: [Email]


Scientific developments have enabled the application of virtual reality (VR) technology in various fields. However, this technology is disadvantaged by low recognition, existence of bias, lack of precision, and fatigue of text input in VR environments. To address these problems, this study proposed a spatial enhancement technique. This study investigated the effectiveness of spatial enhancement keys of a virtual keyboard from various angles and explored the impact of enhanced response time and enhanced protrusion distance on the spatial enhancement technology. Finally, the following conclusions are obtained: (1) The average text input performance of the keyboard using the spatial enhancement technique is significantly better than that of the ordinary virtual keyboard without using the spatial enhancement technique. (2) The recommended time interval for enhanced response time and the protrusion distance are 0-100 ms and 1.85 diopter, respectively. The keyboard angle insignificantly affects the input through the keyboard performance.


Spatial enhancement technology,Text input,Virtual reality,