Effectiveness of Various Tongue Cleaning Aids in the Reduction of Tongue Coating and Bacterial Load: A Comparative Clinical Study.


Department of Public Health Dentistry, College of Dental Sciences, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, e-mail: [Email]


OBJECTIVE : To remove tongue biofilm and improve breath odor, specific instruments (tongue scrapers) or toothbrushes are used.
METHODS : This study compared the effectiveness of a manual toothbrush that has a tongue scraper on the back of its head and two commercially available tongue scrapers in reducing the tongue coating and aerobic and anaerobic microbiota of the tongue dorsum. A randomized, negative controlled, double-blind, parallel design study for three different treatment interventions was conducted.
RESULTS : All tongue cleaners showed a significant reduction in Winkle's tongue coating scores with significant values of reduction (p <0.001) of the anaerobic bacterial count with plastic and metal tongue scraper when compared to brush scrapper.
CONCLUSIONS : There was an effective reduction of bacterial load on tongue dorsum with the use of tongue cleaners, with maximum load reduction by using plastic tongue cleaners.
CONCLUSIONS : The results of the present study may be helpful for the dentists while prescribing tongue cleaners to their patients in their clinical practice.


Biofilm,Brush scraper,Micro bacteria,Tongue Tongue scraper.,

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