Electrophoretic deposition of chitosan/nano silver embedded micro sphere on centrifugal spun fibrous matrices - A facile biofilm resistant biocompatible material.


GiriDev Venkateshwapuram Rengaswami


Department of Textile Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India. Electronic address: [Email]


Micro fibrous polycaprolactone (PCL) mat generally used for biomedical application was produced by facile centrifugal spinning system (C-Spin). The produced mat exhibited good structural integrity and good flexibility. The developed mat was used as substrate for electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of chitosan and polyethylene glycol (PEG) along with silver nano particles (AgNPs). During the EPD process, polymeric micro spheres embedded with silver nano particles were formed and deposited on the C-Spun substrates and the size of AgNPs were found to be around 15 nm. Surface topography of all coated samples were analyzed and found that the deposition was neat and uniform. Swelling behavior of the coated substrates were studied and found that CS/HMP/AgNPs coated substrates showed 274% swelling compared to their own dry weight. Release profile of silver nanoparticles confirmed that initial burst release followed by sustained release for CS/HMP/AgNPs coated substrates and this might be attributed to the hydrophilicity and high swellability of HMP. All AgNPs coated samples were completely prevent the bacterial biofilm formation and CS/HMP/AgNPs showed better reduction in bacterial growth on matured biofilm model. Cell proliferation studies confirmed that CS/HMP/AgNPs is biocompatible and can be used as a wound dressing material.


Biofilm,Centrifugal spinning,Electrophoretic deposition,Silver nanoparticle,Wound dressings,

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