Emergency department sepsis huddles: Achieving excellence for sepsis benchmarks in New York State.


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The sepsis order set at our institution was created with the intent to facilitate the prompt initiation of appropriate sepsis care. Once clinical features meeting criteria for systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) are identified and an infectious source is considered, a "sepsis huddle" is concomitantly initiated. The sepsis huddle was implemented in March of 2016 in order to increase compliance with the sepsis bundles. The sepsis huddle is called via overhead paging system in the emergency department (ED) to notify all staff that there is a patient present who meets SIRS criteria with concern for sepsis requiring immediate attention. The sepsis order set is utilized for these patients and includes laboratory testing, treatment, and monitoring items to meet sepsis "bundle" compliance. In addition, it suggests antibiotic options to be administered based on the presumed source of infection. Each team member responding to a sepsis huddle has a pre-established role outlined to facilitate timely treatment. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, (CMS), is part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). CMS sepsis guidelines call for periodic patient reassessment, including repeat vital signs, pertinent physical examination findings, and timed lactic acid measurement to determine a patient's response to resuscitation efforts. Our established order set has automated some of these reassessment features to facilitate compliance. Sepsis huddle initiation also triggers a department staff member to track the timing and completion of serial blood draws. Utilizing and adhering to the guidelines of this methodology in the management of these patients has enabled our hospital to improve benchmarking compliance from previously underperforming at the 31st and 49th percentiles in 2015, prior to initiation of the huddle, to a peak compliance at the 81st and 91st percentiles in 2016 and 65th and 83rd percentiles in 2017 for the 3-hour and 6-hour bundles respectively.


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