Endometriosis treatment with shock waves: A novel approach.


Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Clinique Saint-Paul, 4 rue des Hibiscus, 97000 Fort de France, Martinique. Electronic address: [Email]


Endometriosis affects 10-15% of women. When medication is unsatisfactory, not well tolerated or unwanted, surgery remains the sole option. There is a need for a less invasive treatment. We suggest the application of shock wave therapy (SWT) to endometriotic nodules (including deep infiltrating endometriosis), endometriomas and adenomyosis. We hypothesize pain relief via an antiinflammatory effect, an antioxidant effect and neural pathways modulation, as well as a direct effect on the lesions by the energy thus delivered. Questions to be answered before a clinical application is tested include route of administration (external versus internal transducers), dose regimen, optimal duration of treatment and type of shock waves used (focalised versus radial).