Erythrofordins D and E, two new cassaine-type diterpenes from Erythrophleum suaveolens.


Natural Products Support Group, Leidos Biomedical Research Inc., Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research Sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD 21702, United States. Electronic address: [Email]


Two new cassaine-type diterpenoids, namely erythrofordins D (1) and E (2), sourced from a Cameroon collection of Erythrophleum suaveolens were isolated and assessed for anti-tumor activity. In the NCI-60 cancer cell assay, erythrofordins D (1) and E (2) were found to be cytotoxic in the low micro molar ranges with a mean GI50 value of 2.45 and 0.71 µM, mean TGI value of 9.77 and 2.29 µM, and a mean LC50 of 26.92 and 11.48 µM for 1 and 2 respectively. Using the COMPARE algorithm, the new compounds were found to have similar NCI-60 response profiles to the known cardiac glycosides hyrcanoside and strophanthin. In addition, in an assay examining the viability and contractile function in human cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem-cells, erythrofordins showed cardiotoxicity effects at concentrations as low as 0.03 µg/mL.


COMPARE,Cardiotoxicity,Erythrofordin,NCI-60,Natural product,