Estrogen receptor profiles across tissues from male and female Rattus norvegicus.


Department of Pharmacology, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA, 70112, USA. [Email]


Estrogen is formed by the enzyme aromatase (CYP19A1) and signals via three identified receptors ERα (ESR1), ERß (ESR2), and the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER). Understanding the relative contribution of each receptor to estrogenic signaling may elucidate the disparate effects of this sex hormone across tissues, and recent developments in PCR technology allow absolute quantification and direct comparison of multiple targets. We hypothesized that this approach would reveal tissue- and sex-specific differences in estrogen receptor mRNA.


Aromatase,Cardiovascular,Droplet digital PCR (ddPCR),Estrogen receptors,Sex differences,