Evaluating the performance characteristics of some ion chamber dosimeters in high dose per pulse intraoperative electron beam radiation therapy.


Physics Department, Hakim Sabzevari University, Shohada-e Hastei Blvd, P.O. 9617976487, Sabzevar, Iran. Electronic address: [Email]


BACKGROUND : Employing routine dosimetry protocols for intraoperative electron beam needs further refinements to obtain reliable results. In this regard, the performance of some cylindrical and parallel plate ion chambers for both relative and absolute dosimetry of intraoperative electron beam has been evaluated.
METHODS : Four different ion chambers including Semiflex and PinPoint cylindrical chambers as well as Advanced Markus and Roos parallel plate ones were employed for PDD measurement and dose rate determination in reference condition of the electron beam produced by LIAC intraoperative accelerator. The results of PDD measurements were compared with those of Gafchromic EBT2 film. Specific recommendations were followed to determine the chamber correction factors including ks and [Formula: see text] for absolute dosimetry in intraoperative reference condition.
RESULTS : There was good agreement between PDDs measured by employed chambers and EBT2 film at all nominal energies. Nevertheless, Advanced Markus chamber had the best performance based on the gamma analysis results. Obtained [Formula: see text] and ks for studied ion chambers largely differed from expected values by TRS-398 protocol. The difference of measured dose rates at 12 MeV energy by investigated chambers was less than 1.1% and Advanced Markus had the best accordance with pre-set dose rate by manufacture.
CONCLUSIONS : Results showed that ignoring the specific recommended procedures in determining the chamber correction factors causes the overestimation of the measured dose. Therefore, dedicated dosimetry protocol should be developed for high dose per pulse intraoperative electron dosimetry including all of the updated correction factors and deviations from routine ionometric electron dosimetry formalisms.


Intraoperative electron radiotherapy,Ion chamber dosimeter,Ionometric dosimetry,Reference dosimetry,

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