Evaluation of preferred lip position according to different tip rotations of the nose in class I young adult subjects.


Department of Orthodontics, School of Dental Medicine, Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon. Electronic address: [Email]


BACKGROUND : The mouth plays an important role in the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. The aims of this study were to determine the optimal antero-posterior (AP) lip position relative to various rotations of the nasal tip and assess the impact of the nasolabial angle on facial aesthetics.
METHODS : Three-dimensional facial volumes, in motion, of one Caucasian male and one Caucasian female with a Class I malocclusion and an orthognathic profile were modified to alter the nasal tip rotation (3 rotations) and the AP lips position (6 positions). 72 generated models were created in two and three-dimensions. Generated models were rated online by 60 dentists, 60 orthodontists and 60 laypeople, using a Visual Analogue Scale. Scores were analysed according to lip position, rater's profession and gender.
RESULTS : General agreement was found between all groups on the most and least preferred lip positions. No differences between male and female raters were found. All raters were more influenced by the 3-dimensional rotating facial volume than by 2-dimensional angles. Similar angular values for the nasolabial angles were found in the most and least preferred profiles, showing that the most influential factor in facial aesthetics was the lip position, and stressing the need to evaluate each component of the nasolabial angle independently.
CONCLUSIONS : The lip position was the determinant factor in facial aesthetics with little influence of the nose tip rotation. Three-dimensional evaluation of the nose and lip were needed to establish a soft tissue-based treatment plan.


3-dimensional,Angle nasolabial,Lip position,Nasolabial angle,Nose tip rotation,Position labiale,Rotation de la pointe du nez,Tidimensionnel,

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