Examination of the severity of two-lane highway traffic barrier crashes using the mixed logit model.


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Wyoming, Office: Ross Hall 336, Laramie, WY 82071, United States of America. Electronic address: [Email]


Vehicles in transport sometimes leave the travel lane and encroach onto natural or artificial objects on the roadsides. These types of crashes are called run-off the road crashes, which account for a large proportion of fatalities and severe crashes to vehicle occupants. In the United States, there are about one million such crashes, with roadside features leading to one third of all road fatalities. Traffic barriers could be installed to keep vehicles on the roadways and to prevent vehicles from colliding with obstacles such as trees, boulder, and walls. The installation of traffic barriers would be warranted if the severity of colliding with the barrier would be less severe than colliding with other fix objects on the sides of the roadway. However, injuries and fatalities do occur when vehicle collide with traffic barriers. A comprehensive analysis of traffic barrier features is lacking due to the absence of traffic barrier features data. Previous research has focused on simulation studies or only a general evaluation of traffic barriers, without accounting for different traffic barrier features.


Crash severity,Guardrail,Interaction terms,Random parameter,Traffic barrier,