Experience of violence among street prostitutes: a qualitative study in Shiraz, Iran.


Shiraz HIV/AIDS Research Center, Institute of Health, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran. Email: [Email]


BACKGROUND : Female Sex workers (FSWs) are a marginalized group. Although some studies have shown various types of violence against sex workers, it is a subject which needs more in-depth knowledge.
METHODS : This is a conventional content study conducted on 18 street sex workers in Shiraz, Iran.
RESULTS : The present study observed that sex workers had extensive experience in five forms of violence: physical, barbaric, psychological, sexual, deception and robbery. Moreover, violence was deep-rooted in their previous experiences prior to becoming a prostitute, leading to the formation of yet another type of violence, called hidden slavery with male or female pimps.
CONCLUSIONS : To improve the general health of this group, it is recommended that they be supported by social institutions and be provided with psychological consultations.