Fabrication of Microscope Stage for Vertical Observation with Temperature Control Function.


Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tokyo University of Science; [Email]


Samples are usually placed onto a horizontal microscope stage for microscopic observation. However, to observe the influence of gravity on a sample or study afloat behavior, it is necessary to make the microscope stage vertical. To accomplish this, a sideways inverted microscope tilted by 90° has been devised. To observe samples with this microscope, sample containers such as Petri dishes or glass slides must be secured to the stage vertically. A device that can secure sample containers in place on a vertical microscope stage has been developed and is described here. Attachment of this device to the stage allows observation of sample dynamics in the vertical plane. The ability to regulate temperature using a silicone rubber heater also permits observation of temperature-dependent sample behaviors. Furthermore, the temperature data is transferred to an internet server. Temperature settings and log monitoring can be controlled remotely from a PC or smartphone.

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