Fatalities related to new psychoactive substances in Singapore-A case series.


Forensic Medicine Division, Health Sciences Authority, 11 Outram Rd, Singapore 169078, Singapore. Electronic address: [Email]


The use of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) has become a serious global issue with increasing number of reports of their toxicities and fatalities. Likewise, in Singapore, the number of exhibits containing NPS detected had increased 80% from 2011 to 2014. This is a case series of the first four autopsy cases of fatalities due to or related to the use of NPS in Singapore. In one case, we present the first reported case of death due directly to ADB-FUBINACA toxicity (post-mortem blood concentration of 56ng/ml). Another case was due to 25B-NBOMe toxicity (post-mortem blood concentration of 10ng/ml) while the last two cases were deaths related to 5-Fluoro ADB, where the metabolites of the drug were detected.


25B-NBOMe,5-Fluro ADB,ADB-FUBINACA,Autopsy,New psychoactive substance,Synthetic cannabinoids,

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