Feasibility of using the Omnyx digital pathology system for cytology practice.


Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Electronic address: [Email]


BACKGROUND : Whole slide imaging systems have focused mostly on surgical pathologic evaluation. However, for pathology laboratories to become fully digital, cytology slides will also need to be digitized, managed, viewed, and analyzed. Our aim was to determine the feasibility of using the Omnyx whole slide imaging system for various purposes in cytology.
METHODS : Our institution implemented the Omnyx digital pathology system, which was tested for feasibility and not implemented for clinical use in cytology. Glass slides (n = 18), scanned using various whole slide scanners, were uploaded into the Omnyx system. The system was evaluated for its feasibility with cytology case management, digital slide navigation and annotation, telecytology, and cytologic-histologic correlation.
RESULTS : The Omnyx software was able to manage cases similar to a laboratory information system. Users were able to electronically distribute, search, and sort the clinical cases. A graphic dashboard approach and virtual slide tray is available for end users to evaluate cases. The ability to create custom folders and drag-and-drop images into these folders fulfilled clinical, quality assurance, education, and research needs. Innovative tools for digital slide navigation and annotation (eg, auto-pan, adding text to annotation, hiding annotations, image coregistration) offered innovative methods to work with slides. Omnyx also provided a mechanism for sharing images with others to perform teleconsultation.
CONCLUSIONS : We have demonstrated the feasibility of using the Omnyx whole slide imaging system for various purposes in cytology practice. The application supported, not only case management, but also the ability to perform cytologic-histologic correlation and telecytology. The viewer offered many features that improved digital slide navigation and annotation.


Digital cytology,Digital pathology,Omnyx,