Field study on the improvement of indoor air quality with toluene adsorption finishing materials in an urban residential apartment.


Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul 03722, Republic of Korea. Electronic address: [Email]


To improve the indoor air quality of apartments in Korea, a toluene adsorptive paint was manufactured and tested for its efficiency to remove the indoor toluene released from wallpaper adhesives. The toluene adsorptive paint was prepared by blending activated carbon and inorganic binder, and the pore characteristics and chemical functional groups of the activated carbon were analyzed to determine whether the micropores and surface functionalities of activated carbon affected toluene adsorption. Toluene adsorption performance of the toluene adsorptive paint was confirmed through static and verification experiments. The average adsorption efficiency of toluene adsorptive paint in the static experiment was 98.3% and the verification experiment confirmed that about 96.3% of toluene was adsorbed from the indoor air of the apartment. As a result, the use of toluene adsorptive paint effectively removes toluene, which may occur in the adhesive, and thus can be considered to have a good effect on the improvement of indoor air quality. Furthermore, toluene adsorptive paint has been found to be an effective way to achieve consumer wall finishing preferences and maintenance convenience.


Activated carbon,Indoor air quality,Toluene,Toluene adsorptive paint,Volatile organic compounds,

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