First report of a pseudorabies-virus-infected wolf (Canis lupus) in China.


School of Biotechnology and Food Science, Anyang Institute of Technology, Anyang, 455000, China. [Email]


We provide the first report of a wolf infected with pseudorabies virus (PRV) in China. We observed the clinical symptoms and also dissected tissue samples from the wolf. The samples were ground under sterile conditions and injected subcutaneously into the necks of rabbits, which subsequently developed intense pruritus symptoms and died. The PRV strain from the wolf was isolated in porcine kidney (PK)-15 cells and was specifically recognized by pig PRV antibody-positive serum, as shown by indirect immunofluorescence. Tissues from the dead wolf and rabbits were examined by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and the PCR-amplified partial glycoprotein E gene was sequenced, which confirmed that the wolf had died as a result of PRV infection.

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