Flexible Fixation in Foot and Ankle Surgery.


Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, UT Southwestern Medical Center, 1801 Inwood Road, Dallas, Texas 75390, USA. Electronic address: [Email]


Flexible fixation has been described and utilized in various aspects of foot and ankle surgery over the past several decades. In regards to ankle surgery, flexible fixation devices have been used for stabilization of the ankle syndesmosis and augmentation of lateral collateral ankle ligament repair. In the foot, flexible fixation devices have been incorporated into hallux valgus or varus correction, Lisfranc injury repair, and more recently spring ligament repair augmentation. This article reviews the various applications for flexible fixation in foot and ankle surgery, as well as evidence-based literature on surgical applications and clinical outcomes.


Flexible fixation,Lateral ankle ligament augmentation,Lisfranc disruption,Spring ligament augmentation,Suture-button,Suture-tape,Syndesmosis repair,

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