Four limonoids from the seeds extract of Sandoricum koetjape.


Organic Chemistry Division, Bandung Institute of Technology, Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung, 40132, Indonesia. [Email]


Three andirobin- and one trijugin-class limonoids, named koetjapins A-D (1-4), have been isolated from the seed extracts of Sandoricum koetjape. The structures of these compounds were determined by extensive NMR and mass spectral data, and the chemotaxonomic significance of these limonoids in the family Meliaceae is highlighted. Preliminary biological activity showed that only compound 4 has significant inhibitory activity against P-388 cells, while antibacterial tests showed that none of these compounds were active.


Andirobin,Antibacterial,Cytotoxicity,Koetjapins A-D,Limonoid,Meliaceae,Sandoricum koetjape,Trijugin,