Further delineation of the phenotype caused by loss of function mutations in PRMT7.


Department of Clinical and Molecular Genetics and Rare Disease Unit, University Hospital Vall d´Hebron, Barcelona, Spain. Electronic address: [Email]


PRMT7 encodes for an arginine methyltransferase that methylates arginine residues on various protein substrates and has been shown to play a role in various developmental processes. Mutations in PRMT7 have been recently shown to be implicated in a phenotype with intellectual disability, short stature and brachydactyly, and considered to be a phenocopy of pseudohypoparathyroidism. We report a patient with short stature, psychomotor delay, hearing loss and brachydactyly, for whom whole exome sequencing detected two mutations in PRMT7 and parental segregation studies detected biallelic mutation inheritance. Few patients with biallelic PRMT7 mutations have been reported so far in the literature. We report a new patient and review all reported cases to date to delineate the clinical manifestations that may help in diagnosis this disorder, known as Short Stature, Brachydactyly, Intellectual Developmental Disability, and Seizures syndrome, allowing appropriate management and genetic counselling.


Brachydactyly,Hypoacusis,Intellectual disability,PRMT7,Preauricular tags,Short stature,