[Future of interventional radiology].


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Imaging-guided interventions or interventional radiology (IR) are intended to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the medical procedure regardless of the organ, as well as the safety and comfort of the patient. Currently IR concerns all medico-surgical specialties with a number of acts constantly increasing, and is today a major field of innovation that responds to a strong societal demand to move towards more and more effective treatments, but also less and less invasive. The ambulatory shift in IR is a major prospect of saving and improving the quality of care. In the field of innovations, technical developments are major for both guidance methods and interventional radiology equipment. These developments affect all organ pathologies, but it is certainly in the field of oncology that progress is fastest, with personalized medicine with new drugs targeted to optimize tolerance to treatment and maximize effects. The aim of this article is to make this specialty better known, its organization both in terms of training and the permanence of care.

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