Genetic analysis of 27 Y-chromosomal STR loci in a Zimbabwean Shona ethnic group.


Tshwane University of Technology, Department of Nature Conservation, Staatsartillerie Road, Private Bag X680, Pretoria West, 0001, South Africa. Electronic address: [Email]


Buccal swabs from 200 unrelated Zimbabwean males were collected from voluntary participants located in Harare province. The 5-dye SureID® 27Y Human STR Identification Kit was used to perform multiplex polymerase chain reactions (PCR) and generate Y-chromosomal DNA profiles. This kit targets markers DYS456, DYS576, DYS570, DYS481, DYF387S1, DYS627, DYS393, DYS391, DYS390, DYS635, DYS449, DYS533, DYS438, DYS389I, DYS448, DYS389II, DYS19, GATA_H4, DYS518, DYS458, DYS460, DYS437, DYS439, DYS392, and DYS385, similar to the Yfiler® Plus Amplification Kit. A total of 161 haplotypes were generated with the PowerPlex® Y system, whereas 159 complete haplotypes were generated for the Yfiler® Plus system. Haplotype Discrimination Capacity (DC) with the Yfiler® Plus system was determined to be 0.9686, while the Genetic Diversity (GD) of the targeted loci ranged from 0.03748 at DYS392 to 0.867239 at DYS449. One haplotype contained the triallelic pattern 37, 38, and 39 at DYS387S1. In addition, marker DYS387S1 and marker DYS385 had 13 counts of microvariant alleles overall, while 9 null allele counts were noted at marker DYS448. Genetic distances between our population data and 22 other data sets from African countries and people of African descent were estimated and results showed significant genetic variation.



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