Highly-Ductile Magnesium Alloys: Atomistic-Flow Mechanisms and Alloy Designing.


School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon 16419, Korea. [Email]


This special issue, "Highly-Ductile Magnesium Alloys: Atomistic-Flow Mechanisms and Alloy Designing", was introduced to cover all aspects associated with the improvement of the ductility of magnesium (Mg) materials through controlling the atomistic flow mechanisms in Mg. The structural aspects that can also influence the ductility of polycrystalline Mg alloys, such as grain size and basal texture characteristics, are addressed in this issue. Therefore, we hope that the contributions to the present issue can effectively support the research on the ductility of Mg.


alloy design,magnesium alloys,mechanical properties,multiscale simulation,plasticity,