Highly sensitive determination of L-tyrosine in pig serum based on ultrathin CuS nanosheets composite electrode.


Collaborative Innovation Center of Micro/nano Bio-sensing and Food Safety Inspection, Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Materials Protection for Electric Power and Transportation, School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Changsha, 410114, PR China. Electronic address: [Email]


Nanometer-sized copper sulfide has remarkable properties such as metal like electrical conductivity and electrocatalytic activity. In this work, ultrathin copper sulfide nanosheets (CuS NS) were synthesized and employed to modify on surface of glassy carbon electrode (GCE) combining with chitosan (CS) and acidified multi-walled carbon nanotubes (F-MWCNTs). Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showed that the shape of CuS NS was hexagon with side length of 13.33 ± 0.67 nm and thickness of 4.50 ± 0.58 nm. The electrochemical characteristics of different nanocomposite modified electrodes were examined by using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV), indicating that the modified electrode of CuS NS-CS/F-MWCNTs/GCE possessed good electrocatalytic activity towards oxidation of L-tyrosine (L-Tyr). Under the optimal condition, the modified electrode exhibited a wide linear response range for L-Tyr (0.08-1.0 μM) with a detection limit of 4.9 nM. No obvious interferences from coexisted two-fold of L-tryptophan and 50-fold of other amino acids could be observed, indicating its relatively good selectivity. The electrode also had good repeatability, reproducibility and stability. Compared with a commercial instrument analytical method, HPLC, the electrode can be successfully applied to the determination of L-Tyr in pig serums with a recovery rate of 95.7%-102.6%, and its test results are in good agreement with that of HPLC, showing its promising application value.


Composite electrode,Copper sulfide,L-tyrosine,Nanosheet,Pig serum,Ultrastructure,